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Airplane accident information and aviation laws

Most experts often claim that traveling by plane is safe, but the sky is not friendly anymore for any passengers aboard. Previous cost cutting measured made by certain airplane company will have the possibility of low quality mechanical pieces. The issue of safety and reliability of the aircraft will decrease due to measure made. Any cost cutting measure made will possibly filter down the safety, maintenance, and quality control personnel, thereby the risks and dangers of traveling by plane will incline.

Still many people don't mind the possible danger of airplane travel, they feel assured of the safety measures and comfort in traveling by plane, but by just a small errors that can lead to a dangerous and deadly results. Statistics provide results that most airplane accidents happen at the time of launching and landing, although anytime accidents by plane can happen. Great accidents in the air or by land comes from a small errors, no matter how high end technology you use, hard training or wide experience. Human are tends to make mistakes and it is a sad reality that can leads to an unfortunate events or accidents.

If the airplane company will continue the measures being imposed, the aviation industry will face the consequences and that can potentially end the air travel if they will not give attention to concerns that will threaten million of lives.

There are no exemptions to airplane accidents. Recently there was a
aviation accident from a military transport plane. This reveals that not even the military are immune to the effects of the danger or air travel. Although passengers and crews escaped death from an aviation accident but still can't escaped serious injuries.

Still the airplane company maintains the reputation that their service are safest and fastest way to travel, but airplane accidents that shatters the lives of many people made public ideas splits.

Airplane accidents anywhere in the world destroys many lives each year. Solving and searching for solutions to the incidents are great challenge and time but it is not impossible if one has the knowledge and understanding.

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