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Amusement park accident reports

Accidents at the amusement parks, carnivals, theme parks and such events make nationwide news report if there is a amusement accident causing serious injury or even deaths, also news about amusement accidents becomes lesser but still serious injuries caused by poor maintenance or design of amusement park rides.

The reports of certain government commission, that emergency room injuries resulting from an amusement park ride accidents increase almost 87% in previous years.

How frequent amusement park accidents occur? It is hard to speak while trying to determine since there is no broad source for amusement accident reports or data. No federal law or national organization requires amusement operators file any amusement accident reports to their own state. In California, there are no laws that require amusement park operators in either fix or moving rides to report all accidents to the government or state. In general, most regulated theme parks are required to report accidents to their regulating state agency or to their insurance company, but the reporting policy are not the same and the information are generally not presented to the public. As a result, it is impossible to get correct and complete amusement accident data.


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