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Animal Injury Attorney

If a person is being attacked by an animal and causes a person to injury, the injured person may possibly able to recover compensation from the owner of the animal. In order to get the compensation the animal must be observed and be known to have “dangerous” traits and the owner failed to take enough precautions to prevent injury made by the animal. Most animal injury is made by dog bites or attacks or by other domestic animals but claims will be taken from the owner.

Dog attack

If a dog attacked you, you must report the incident to the police. This is important because the police will take actions against the owners of the dog for failing to keep the animal under control. The owner insurers probably will face compensation claims if made. The incident will then be recorded and will be used as evidence that the animal is dangerous and has a tendency to attack again.

Most dog attacks are not fatal but victims are required medical attention. The wounds will be treated and require a anti tetanus shot, antibiotics and rabies vaccine. For severe or serious bites especially to the neck and head immediate medical attention will be obtained.

What do I need to prove to recover compensation?

For a claim to succeed it is usually necessary to show a pattern of previous aggressive behavior from the animal. If there have been no instances of aggressive behavior or previous attacks then it would be difficult to prove that the dog owner was aware that the animal would be likely to be a danger to other people.

There does not have to be a history of previous aggressive behavior if a certain breed of dog attacks people. Any dog that causes injury and is registered on the Index of Exempted breeds will give rise to a compensation claim without the need to show previous aggressive behavior. Pit bull terriers and pit bull type dogs fall into this category and these animals must be insured by the owner at all times.

Animal injury attorney will take actions for you from the animal owner and bringing claims to you. The goal of the attorney is to know the truth and get the maximum amount of compensation as possible.


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