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Dog Bite Lawyer & Animal Attack Attorney Litigation

Dog attack is not a rare case, it is a serious case in America. Statistic shows that around twenty Americans each year are killed by dog attacks. The sad reality are most numbers died from a dog attack were children and around 5 Millions are under the age of 18. These breed of dogs attacks' children and seen them as a threat. Sometimes children don't know what the actions and motives of the dogs, they end up getting into danger.

In the late 1970's U.S. statistic for dog attack was at its peak. Today there are 65 millions of dogs live in the U.S. and every year people take it to their homes as a pet or whatever. Owning a dog is not considered dangerous but remember that the animals have the potential to inflict injury to anybody.

It is very important to dog attack victim and dog owners knows the dog bite or dog attack laws in their area. Dog owners have the liability at a certain level for the behavior of their dogs and the victim must  be aware of the regulations that will affect their rights.

In the U.S. most dog bite laws says that the owner of the dog is liable for the action of the dog. The law is undeniably fair but there are some situation need to be in consideration such as trespassing, felons, provocation and either the dog in a police or military dog.

There is a dog law that protects dog owners from liability at the first time his/her dog attack or bites somebody. This regulation is included in the "one bite rule". However there are exemptions to rule that includes negligent and reckless conduct. And if the dog bites for the second time then the dog owner will be held liable regardless of the situation.

Everyday there are people  need to seek medical attention due to dog attacks. These dog attacks can cause not only physical injury but also psychologically can damage a person especially the victim is at the young age. This can even be traumatic that they will experience post-traumatic stress disorder that has the tendency they will never interact with the dogs for a long time.

Hundreds of million dollars are being spent for medical bills, insurance, and lost compensation because of dog bite injury. And sometimes the dog owners insurance covers the damages made by the dog. A dog attack lawsuit will help victim in recovering loss compensation caused by the injury.

If you experience or your relatives from a dog attack. It is important to contact a dog bite attorney for a lawsuit.

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