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Boat accident lawyer

Typically, powerboats such as runabouts, cabin cruisers and jet skis are the most common watercraft to be involved in boating accidents, although sailboats can be involved in accidents as well. The most frequent sources of injuries are caused from propeller accidents and collisions. Because personal watercraft such as jet skis canít be steered when the throttle is released, inexperienced drivers often have collisions when confronted with an emergency. Serious personal injury and even death can occur due to a boating collision or from a person falling over the side of a watercraft and drowning.

As the operator of a vessel you are required by law to file a formal, written report of an accident. There are four conditions that require you to fill out and send in a boating accident report.

* A life is lost due to the accident
* Someone is injured and requires medical attention beyond first aid
* There is damage by or to the vessel and other property
* Any person on board a vessel disappears (under circumstances indicating possible death or injury)

* Capsizing
* Falls Overboard
* Collisions
* Sinking/Flooding
* Explosions
* Disappearance
* Fire

* Damage is determined by federal regulation to be reportable when it exceeds at a certain amount or there is complete loss of the vessel (Note: many states have set a limit less than a certain amount - contact the local boating authority to determine the amount)

* 48 hours of the occurrence if a person dies within one day (24 hours of the accident)
* 48 hours if a person is injured and medical treatment beyond first aid is required
* 10 days if there is only damage to the vessel and/or property

The form is usually filled out by the operator of the boat unless the operator is physically unable to complete the form. If that is the case, then the owner of the vessel must submit the form.

Water activities and safety to remember

Recreational water sports are very popular throughout the United States but especially in Louisiana. Far too often, people get carried away while on the water and forget that there are rules that must be followed in order to promote water safety. When those rules are broken, property can get damaged and people can get injured or killed.

Whether you are on a boat or a jet ski, or even just relaxing on the beach, you should not be made to suffer due to someone else negligence. All watercraft operators have the obligation to use the watercraft in the manner it was designed and in accordance with the rules of the waterway. This applies whether you are on a lake, ocean, river or gulf.


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