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United States Car Accidents

In the US there are fatal car accident in every 14 minutes or around 40000 every year. That mean if you drive 2 miles away from your home there will be a another car wreck or car accident. So if you'll go out and buy something probably there will be 1 or more car accident you will pass by.

In this frequent events people and automobile manufacturer are getting aware now of this things so the manufacturer are required to put safety devices into the vehicle. These safety devices are design internally from the metal frame of the vehicle, shape, metal webbing and airbags. Now a days there are new systems implemented such as: a child restraint seat belts for children, more accurate locking safety device to keep your body stationary as possible at the time of accident.

But there are no perfect safety system, sometimes these innovated devices fails and unable to protect your family from injury. Sometimes the failure of these safety system came from manufacturers, low quality products that will not able to meet the desired result of its function that leads to injury of passengers. Every product being created whether its a radio, car, toy, or kitchen devices, there are specialized individual checking the quality of the product to avoid danger and injuries. But sometimes these specifications are over-looked. Faulty system parts missed in inspection and continuously made then if it fails people will be hurt and injured or get accident.

Car accident: Automatic Car Transmission Issue

Car manufacturer were advised for many years that vehicle with automatic transmission must be equipped with a piece of plastic or metal plate in the shifter and this was made followed but still there's an accident happened when an automatic-transmission-equipped vehicles had a gear slipped from its position and suddenly the car change direction and crashed in a structure or another vehicle.

There are new out of the market cars that are equipped with standard transmission that are based on the same principle of the automatic transmission safety system. A small safety switch had been equipped on these vehicles to avoid starting in neutral or without stepping on the clutch. If it fails the especially the gear are set in any position that has a tendency to drive unexpectedly and collide into something.

If you've been hurt or injured from an accident which is not your fault, contact a car accident specialized attorney for advices, laws and legalities, and what things must be done in order to get a claim or win the case.

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