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Construction Accident Information

If I am injured while working on a construction site, can I get more than workers' compensation?

Recovery against your employer may be affected by workers' compensation laws, but others may be legally responsible for your personal injury, such as sub-contractors, property owners, or equipment manufacturers.

How do I change a dangerous construction site?

If you feel that your construction site is unsafe, you should make sure your supervisor is aware of the danger. If you are unsuccessful in getting the safety hazard corrected, you can file a complaint any OSHA location.

Who is liable if a person is injured by debris from a site while walking on public property?

The personal injury victim may be able to recover damages from the construction company, which has a duty to take reasonable steps to keep public areas near its construction site free from danger. If the company fails to remove such obstructions and someone trips and falls, the company may be liable.

Who is responsible for making sure that the construction site where I work is safe?

The general contractor, sub-contractors, and property owner are all responsible for ensuring the safety of construction workers. The extent of each party's responsibility will vary depending on your lawsuit.

Is it needed for someone to witness my accident in order to file a lawsuit?

No. If your version of the construction accident is no different from others, you may still be able to recover personal injury damages even though there were no witnesses.

I was injured while working on a large construction project. Can I sue the property owner?

It depends on the amount of authority over the work that the property owner exercised, and the amount of control they had over the property itself. The property owner may be liable for some or all of your injuries.

I was injured on the construction site, and an investigation showed that my employer violated OSHA regulations. Can this help my lawsuit?

The answer will depend on whether the OSHA violation caused your injury, and where your lawsuit is heard. Some courts have held that violation of any OSHA regulation is plain negligence.

Are all on-the-job injuries covered by workers' compensation?

Yes. The workers' compensation system is designed to provide benefits to injured workers no matter whether an injury is caused by the employer's or employee's negligence.

Should I consult a construction accident attorney to discuss my personal injury claim?

Yes. Your lawsuit may involve complex issues concerning liability, compliance with safety regulations, engineering, etc. An attorney who is experienced in the area of construction accident liability will make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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