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DUI accident attorney Los Angeles and New York lawyer

Los Angeles and New York provides for defendant’s right to jury, which is not available in many states especially Los Angeles and New York. The state provides a 30-day period for trial after the arrest is made. This 30 day period is useful to prepare for the DUI accident case.

DUI accident cases are complex to deal with. The purpose of the trial is to prove the guilt of the DUI accident defendant. In DUI accident cases, the burden of proof rests with the prosecutor attorney and the defendant lawyer has nothing to prove. If the proof of guilt is not established beyond doubt, the verdict is in favor of the defendant.

The process of the trial consists of many phases. After the announcement of the date is made, the first step towards trial is the selection of jury. In Los Angeles or New York, the panel consists of twelve juries. The jury selection is based on many parameters such as previous experience. The next steps are the opening statements of the prosecutor attorney and the defendant’s lawyer. Then the prosecutor lawyer presents the case followed by the testimony of the arresting officer. The important process in the DUI accident case is the defense when the DUI lawyer defends the DUI accused by different tactics and cross examining the arresting officer. The verdict involves unanimous agreement of all the jury members in the panel. Even if one jury is in favor of the defendant lawyer, the DUI defendant is held free.


Some of the tactical defenses include questioning the validity of the test results if the ‘implied consent warning’ part is not done by the arresting officer. Similarly there are many other tactics employed by DUI accident lawyers or attorneys, which come with experience and expertise. Hire an experienced DUI accident attorney Los Angeles and New York lawyer.

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