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Los Angeles DUI defense attorney

Contrary to what you might think, a Los Angeles DUI (driving under the influence) is not an open and shut case. If you hire a good DUI lawyer, decisions can be overturned. Keep in mind that you are not presumed guilty when you are arrested for DUI. A good DUI attorney in Los Angeles can put together a solid DUI defense case that can protect you from a drunk-driving charge.

For instance, the arresting officer must read you your Miranda rights. If the officer fails to tell you that you have the right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer, your case could either (a) be dismissed, or (b) all statements made following the arrest has the tendency to be suppressed. It is important to tell your DUI lawyer everything that the arresting officer did or said when you were arrested. Small details can help your DUI attorney build your case.


A Los Angeles DUI defense attorney can likewise prove that the officer had no reasonable cause to stop your vehicle in the first place. If you were not driving the vehicle when the officer stopped you, your DUI lawyer can likewise argue that you were not in “actual physical control” of the car, and your DUI case may be dismissed.

You can lessen the bad effect of a DUI case by seeking the help of an experience Los Angeles DUI defense attorney who can protect you against the strictest order of the Los Angeles DUI law. Keep in mind, however, that serving time in jail for DUI is mandatory; so don’t expect to evade this regulation especially if you know that you were in fact driving under the influence (DUI). A good Los Angeles DUI attorney can, however, shorten your jail time and reduce your fines, depending on the seriousness of your case. Get in touch with a DUI defense attorney immediately after your arrest to prevent further damage.


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