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Nursing home abuse

A nursing home is a shelter that provides care givers, nursing aid and related services for residents who require medical or nursing aid, rehabilitation for the injured ones, or sick persons and other health related services.

Although nursing home by its nature will limits a person's lifestyle and personal privacy. But they should expect high standard quality service and compassionate care from nursing aids.

A certain group and the state created a laws to protect residents in all nursing aids. For residents that are under authority for health care and rehabilitation; those who are incapable of making decisions are all recognized by the law that may exercise the resident's rights.

Federal law requires that nursing homes must meet the basic standards for quality of life for each individual residents and for provision of activities and services. There are several specific rights guaranteed by the authority.

Some signs of nursing home abuse are:

* Malnutrition
* Dehydration
* Pressure Sores / Bed Sores
* Dry Skin
* Chapped Lips
* Unexplained Weight Loss
* Inability to Eat
* Infections
* Falls / Broken Bones
* Excessive Bruising
* Verbal Abuse
* Physical Abuse.

For any of these states happen or seen from a nursing aid immediately investigate and get a nursing home abuse attorney for possible claims.


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